Solution Bot – Infor VISUAL ERP

This solution bot allows users to automate manual processes associated with the Infor VISUAL ERP system. This bot works via an interaction with the system’s user interface in the same way a human employee would.

Instead of having workers manually enter invoice or other AP information into the system, this bot can complete the data entry—without typing errors or other distractions. When used in conjunction with an intelligent document processing (IDP) solution like Automate Intelligent Capture, full automation of AP processes is possible, as IDP can classify and extract data from documents like invoices, purchase orders, and more. Then Automate bots can do any matching or validation of the data as well as enter it into Infor VISUAL ERP.

You can use this bot to: 

  • Interact with the Infor VISUAL ERP user interface
  • Automate data entry into Infor VISUAL ERP
  • Interact with Automate Intelligent Capture for intelligent data extraction and classification

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A member of our team will follow-up to discuss your unique needs and requirements to help build and implement this solution bot. 

This task is compatible with: 

  • Automate Ultimate 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Plus 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Desktop 11.2 and higher